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Free Download: Marc Houle "Edamame" Ringtone

This reminds me, I gotta make some new ringtones. Been meaning to for a while now; have had the same ones on my phone for a long ass time. So long in fact that I get comments from friends. It was funny at first but now it's just getting a little embarrassing. I've rotated through them all so much ("This Must Be The Place," "Off The Hook," "Give It All You Got," "I Wanna Be Your Lover," "He's The Groove," Dominatrix," "Dum," "The Clapping Song" and "Cool In The Pool") that it's about time to open Garageband and make some new ones. BTW, just because my ringtones are played out in my circle of friends doesn't mean they would be for you. From me to you, click on the highlighted tracks above for the free downloads.

Free Download: Marc Houle "Edamame" Ringtone

If you're a Marc Houle fan, this is a nice treat. With the launch of Houle's new website the man will release one special Houle ringtone every day of the first week. The ringtones will be made available for iPhones and Android, and feature sounds from the Marc Houle classics such as "Arrows," "Edamame," "Techno Vocals" and "Third in Trees," as well as his latest hits. To download the Marc Houle ringtones check out his website.

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