Free Download: Mumbai Science "Tapes #11"

Maarten Elen and Jonas Kiesekoms return with their 11th installment of the Mumbai Science Tapes. In a liken to their name, one could suppose this as a mix tape at a dark and twisted disco in India's melting pot metropolis. It opens with Mumbai Science's newest remix of Kavinsky's "Protovision," a single on the French mastermind's upcoming album. And on going into the mix, is the acid and polished noise accustomed to Mumbai Science, though a little bit more tough or bouncy then their Belgian brethren Soulwax, but as you trail across the mix, you can feel the groove and reminiscence of the Detroit techno sound. Towards the end, and even throughout the mix, you can also feel the influence of the deep melancholy that's in right now. Watch out for Ame's Remix of Tiga's "Plush" along with some tracks from the Boysnoize family. As someone who has been refreshed to Mumbai Science through this mix tape, I admire their sense of uniqueness and selection, which reminds me a youthful or much more rebellious Tiefschwarz, where I could go beyond bouncing my head to the beat, but jumping from wall to wall. In their about page on their website, the last lines of description read "Cut through the crap and discover some true, integral dance music and reinvigorate your body and mind." And I feel like I just did.

Free Download: Mumbai Science "Tapes #11"

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