Free Download: TNGHT "Higher Ground" Rico Tubbs Remix

Free Download: TNGHT "Higher Ground" Rico Tubbs Remix

I’m not too good at math, but let me break down some formulas for you. Hudson Mohawke + Lunice = TNGHT.  TNGHT + "Higher Ground" = trap banger. Higher Ground + Rico Tubb = moombahton madness. This sweet, sweet moombahton track graced itself in my inbox today and I have to say, I just got my second wind. The insane energy radiating off this remix makes it almost impossible to sit in my chair and even more impossible to listen to at any other level than maximum. Just when I though I had reached peak intensity, Rico Tubbs threw me for a loop convincing me the song had stopped. He fooled me though, there was plenty more to go. So do yourself a favor...grab the free EDM download and join me in listening to this monster of a moombahton remix.

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