General Wild Tour Diary: Mikael Weermets Checks In From The Road with Deniz Koyu, Danny Avila and dBerrie


The Generation Wild Tour with Deniz Koyu, Danny Avila, dBerrie and Mikael Weermets is underway. The young, fresh, talent is currently bouncing around the US entertaining dancefloors. The folks behind all this merrymaking were nice enough to kick us down with a pair of tickets to each of the stops on the tour and we’re passing them along to some lucky readers. If you haven't already entered you can here. In between all the fun, Mikael Weermets is putting together a tour diary and here's his first installment.

Tour Diary: Mikael Weermets Checks In From The General Wild Tour with Deniz Koyu, Danny Avila and dBerrie


After a few years on the road, after a few years of running through airports and after a few years of constant stress, you think I might have seen it all. But going on tour like we are right now, that is truly something else. -Mikael Weermets

Take 4 different DJs, 4 different personalities, add a crazy cameraman with a knack for making headlines, put ‘em all in one pot and stir ‘em up. This is what comes out. This is the Generation Wild Tour.



I arrived in Chicago at 7:15 pm on Thursday night, just a few hours before the first show, coming straight off touring Scotland, Germany and France with only one day to get home to Sweden, pack my stuff and get ready for this adventure of hours. Even though I hadn't slept properly for over 2 weeks, excitement always takes over when things like this are on the horizon, and even though my flight was not even close to half full, sleeping on the plane was nearly impossible.

Well in Chicago, we started off with a light dinner at the hotel before we all went up to the rooms for an hour to get everything in place before we got picked up and headed for The Mid. With the venue closing at 3 am, time wasn't completely on our side set wise, so me and dBerrie opened up the party after the resident-DJ with a 45-minute set each, I mainly focused on the deeper side of music, before dBerrie turned it up a level and the place was buzzing after he dropped a few of his upcoming releases. At 12.30 am, our golden boy Danny Avila came on and literally tore the roof off with a high energy electro house-set filled with brand new mashups and edits, before our Bong-soldier Mr. Deniz Koyu took the stage and finished this night off in style. Our official tour photographer Kirill made sure his reputation as the Champagne-facial godfather was intact, and straight after the show, we jumped on the bus to go straight to our next destination—Columbus.

Chicago Musical highlights:

Mikael Weermets: GTA, Henrix & Digital Lab “Hit It
DBerrie: dBerrie “Zenith
Danny Avila: Birdy Nam Nam “Going In” (Skrillex Remix)
Deniz Koyu: Deniz Koyu “Rage


Tour Diary: Mikael Weermets Checks In From The General Wild Tour with Deniz Koyu, Danny Avila and dBerrie

After a full good night’s sleep on our beloved tour bus, we all woke up just as we were entering Columbus, Ohio. After having a quick look at the venue, our tour manager Jace & the man in charge David took us supply shopping at Target. 6 cases of Gatorade, 300 dollars, one FIFA13 for PS3, 2 super-soaker guns and a pair of sweatpants later, we all went back to our tour bus for interviews and some Ohio-pizza before dBerrie kicked off the party with a monstrous tech/deep-set. 1 hour later I took over and took the energy up a bit with a more progressive and electro set before Mr. Avila entered the stage, opening up with an intro-edit of my remix on his hit single “Breaking Your Fall.” After 90 minutes of pure energy delivered by Danny, Deniz took the stage with Tiësto’s remix of “Get Loose” by Noisecontrollers & Showtek. The success was a fact and after a minor power outtake (who the hell puts the power cables to the booth ON the stage btw?) and about 240 champagne-showers courtesy of me and Kirill, the night came to an end with all of us in a good mood (and a little bit drunk). And again, we went straight to the bus for the next 10-hour bus ride to Toronto, Canada to play the BRRRR Festival and the after party at The Hoxton.

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Columbus Musical highlights:

Mikael Weermets: Mikael Weermets “Panorama
dBerrie: Icona Pop “I Love It” (Hot Mouth Remix)
Danny Avila: Porter Robinson “Unison” (Knife Party Remix)
Deniz Koyu: GTA, Henrix & Digital Lab “Hit It



We were arriving in Toronto 2 hours before I was suppose to be on stage at the BRRRR Festival, so you could understand that with interviews and press-stuff going on, time was not on our side. After rushing to the hotel to grab a quick shower, off we went to the festival area. The experience of playing an outdoor festival in early February was really something new, but the concept and idea behind it is really unique and it was a really cool (no pun intended) crowd who really went for it even though even if it was extremely cold. After all the sets & interviews we headed into the city to take over the official after party at The Hoxton.

If the festival turned out wild, there are really no words for how the after party went down. Having started off this tour with 4 amazing shows, I’m just gonna finish this off by saying that we are definitely living up to our name. We are the Generation Wild.

Toronto Musical highlights:

Mikael Weermets: Julio Bashmore “Au Seve” (Original Mix)
dBerrie: Makj “Conchy” (Original Mix)
Danny Avila: Clockwork “BBBS” (Original Mix)
Deniz Koyu: Dannic “Clobber” (Original Mix)

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