Generation Wild Tour Diary with Mikael Weermets: “A War Of Champagne-Facials Topped Off With Super Soaker-Guns Filled With…”


Take 4 different DJs, 4 different personalities, add a crazy cameraman with a knack for making headlines and put em all in one pot and stir em up. This is what comes out. This is the Generation Wild Tour. Words by Mikael Weermets...


Now that hangovers seem to be part of our daily routine, we were a pretty beat up gang leaving Toronto on Monday morning heading for Syracuse for our 5th show of this tour. During this 6-hour bus ride we all gathered in a quest to hunt for new music, and with all the trading that was going on, even the NHL-draft looks weak against what we were doing. We arrived in Syracuse around 6-ish and after some random confusion (as always) we went out for a quick dinner before the doors opened. With myself getting a little bit cocky, and us being in an Asian restaurant, I decided to try the red curry with chicken. Big mistake. 604 glasses of water (that didn't really help) later, we headed back to the hotel to pick up the props and get on stage. David, aka Mr. dBerrie, came on after the local acts and really set the bar with an amazing electro-set combining experimental sounds with a few underground bangers like the never outplayed Cirez D "Mokba." I took the stage after an hour and jumped on with a more moombahton / trap set for the day, doing a journey from around 107 BPM up till 150 before Danny came on and turned up the heat. Deniz (with a back full of Generation Wild-stickers) brought the night to an end with style and behind him, a war of champagne-facials topped off with Super Soaker-guns filled with Champagne took place and before we all knew it, we were all back on the bus sleeping like babies, heading to our next destination.

General Wild Tour Diary with Mikael Weermets: “A War Of Champagne-Facials Topped Off With Super Soaker-Guns Filled With…”


Musical Highlights

Mikael Weermets: Flosstradamus "Underground Anthem"
dBerrie: Cirez D "Mokba"
Danny Avila: Danny Avila "Breaking Your Fall"
Deniz Koyu: Mikael Weermets "Make Some Noise"



Those of us who are part of the European nightlife-society knows that entering late is fashionable, so when we got word that our Tuesday-show at the MGM Casino & Hotel was gonna end at 1 am, at least I was in a bit of shock. If that were in Europe, I wouldn't even have been on my way out by then. With that in mind, at least I had no idea whatsoever what was gonna go down that night. Seeing a fully-smashed nightclub jumping up and down, being sprayed down with Champagne and going completely bananas, and then looking at your watch and realizing that it's 11 pm was a totally new but really cool experience for me. And even though almost all of us were struggling with the worst food coma ever (do NOT eat a 3 course dinner 30 min before the show), this actually turned out to be one of the best shows so far. There is a very fine line between clubby and VIP that needs to be balanced if your gonna do a casino nightclub, but MGM showed us that they are really on top of what they are doing.




Musical Highlights

Mikael Weermets: Nelski "Yeah Not Gonna" (Rene Amesz Rework)
dBerrie: Chris Lake ft Natasha "Only One"
Danny Avila: Knife Party "Power Glove"
Deniz Koyu: Deniz Koyu "Rage"



We arrived in Worcester just a few hours before the show, with everyone being completely crushed by the first two shows of the week. After getting around to some food and getting our senses back, we headed for a quick soundcheck and then parked all our luggage on the bus to be able to leave straight after the show for Philadelphia. Once again, these places that I have never even heard of, totally caught us all off guard and the show turned out to be a lot more crazier then expected. After having Kirill spray Champagne across the faces of the whole (haha) Grey Goose-team (and the rest of the club) and us probably playing our hardest sets so far, we were all satisfied (and a bit intoxicated) when we finally left the club and headed to the bus to take on our next stop, Philadelphia.



Musical Highlights

Mikael Weermets: Mikael Weermets vs Kenan & Kerim "Bounce"
dBerrie: John Dahlback "Comet"
Danny Avila: Swedish House Mafia "Greyhound"
Deniz Koyu: Showtek & Noisecontrollers "Get Loose" (Tiesto Remix)

General Wild Tour Diary with Mikael Weermets: “A War Of Champagne-Facials Topped Off With Super Soaker-Guns Filled With…”

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