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Kickstart This: Sammy Bananas "Bootlegs Vol. 1" Limited Vinyl Release—Plus Free Downloads

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Kickstart This: Sammy Bananas "Bootlegs Vol. 1" Limited Vinyl Release

Now here’s a project we can get behind. And you should too. It’s all about Sammy Bananas’ bootlegs over the years. First things first, this mix; it’s made up exclusively of Bananas’ own unsanctioned and unofficial remixes and bootlegs spanning the decade from his 2003 attendance at the Red Bull Music Academy up to the present day. There's some stuff you no doubt know, and probably some gems you've forgotten about and there’s definitely lots he’s never released. Think of this as Sammy Bananas’ mission statement in the form of 50 minutes and 22 anonymous tracks. It was put together in hopes of you supporting his vinyl release, “Bootlegs Vol. 1” on Kickstarter.

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The Kickstarter project was launched Jan 22 and funding ends Feb 21, so giddyup and support.

“My career as Sammy Bananas began with a series of bootleg 12-inches on Fool’s Gold Records, the now infamous ‘High Top Fades’ and ‘Braids & Fades.’ Although I've continued to release lots of music digitally through this great label, it's been many moons since there's been vinyl bearing my name.

Exactly a year ago I began a new bootleg series, flipping some favorite songs from 2012 and releasing them completely for free through my SoundCloud account. It's so exciting that these tracks have been played and downloaded by the tens of thousands over the past months.

Now I've decided to let I DO, ADORN and WORKOUT live where they were born to reside: on a single edition, limited run of vinyl records! And… drumroll please...the longtime favorite MY BODY will be joining them, finally getting pressed to wax after so many requests!

I hope that this release--the first through my new Amyl Acetates imprint—will appeal not only to vinyl DJs and collectors, but to anyone who has enjoyed all the free music I've given away over the years.

Don't get it twisted, this is NOT a simple white label release! I'm working with design firm Doubleday & Cartwright to make it a truly awesome package. The aesthetic will reflect the techniques of appropriation and transformation which I used in making the music, and obviously it will be pressed onto YELLOW vinyl .

This thing is going to be a pleasure to touch, feel, hold and of course to play! The tracks are gonna sound great since I'm getting them all professionally remastered. For all those turntable-less people out there, you'll be able to get a digital dowload of the new versions as well.

I want very much to make this record a reality, but it's up to YOU to show that you want it too! Wouldn't it be great to have a tangible version of this music to cherish as your very own??

I hope we can make this happen together!” -Sammy B

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