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Listen: An-ten-nae "Raindrops on Roses" EP via Muti Music

Listen: An-ten-nae "Raindrops on Roses" EP via Multi Music

I first discovered An-ten-nae when I attended a Bassnectar show in Tahoe where DJ Laura Low performed as an opener. As part of LowRIDErz, DJ Laura Low opened my ears and eventually found my way to An-ten-nae's Soundcloud. I wasn't quite sure what Acid Crunk was, but I knew I liked it. Packed with big bass and a hip-hop flow, I was intrigued. An-ten-nae has a unique way of amping up the energy on any track from The Beatles' "Come Together" to Santigold's, "Freak Like Me."

"Raindrops on Roses" EP is available to buy now while the LP won't be released until April 1st. So do yourself a favor and check out this gem, you're ears will be thanking you...

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