Listen: Iketa "Burn" Max Cooper Remix

Listen: Iketa "Burn" Max Cooper Remix

Generally speaking, most people (and I do mean the lot of them), are not very familiar with electronic music outside its current "EDM" banner. It's understandable how, given the rise of mainstream genres, electronic music (read: not the dancefloor variety) doesn’t usually come to mind if you're just getting into the genre. However, dance music—like all music—is a multitude of art in various forms. And so is the work of Max Cooper.

“Burn” is a story within a dream. An emotional journey of sorts that can only be described and applied to those who delve into their electronic hearts, minds and ears. Now that may sound like a lot to do with nothing… but with a clear mind and open heart, a track like “Burn” can change your view of EDM...if you’ve recently made the jump.

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For those unfamiliar with the works of Max Cooper, I suggest you to take a look at his other output. With a background in science, which is said to be the main influence behind his musical genius, don't be surprised if you happen learn a thing or two about your own musical interests.

[You heard it here first. ELM = Electronic Listening Music. -ED]

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