Our World, Ruled By Numbers?


I came across an interesting piece from YourEdm by Trance DJ and producer John 00 Fleming, also known as J00f, who has had commercial success but is still highly respected in the underground. He has been called a pioneer of the EDM scene by The Daily Telegraph and “A national treasure of trance music” by Pete Tong. YourEdm reached out to him and asked him to write an editorial, which he kindly obliged. What he wrote was an interesting piece about social networking numbers and how they have come to define DJs and producers. It's calledFascination With Numbers"

To make it in this field of work today, you need to have a fascination with numbers. We get daily updates from DJs’ newsletters –a trophy proclaiming their latest numbers. We get forced down our throats that they have thousands of YouTube hits, played 500 gigs this year to a million people and covered more miles than a Boeing 747. It’s important for us to know they are followed by hundreds in the cloud resulting in a Beatport top 10 and that thousands like them on Facebook, re-tweeted  # im-popular-see- my-poll-number…

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Read the piece in full here and share with us your thoughts!

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