Recap: Control 4 Year Anniversary with Carnage, Jack Beats, Whiite with Surprise Guest Dillon Francis

When it comes to big room merrymaking, Control Friday’s at Avalon has raging on lock, which they thoroughly underscored this past weekend during their four-year anniversary. The first major talent to take the floor was Carnage whom is known for his wildly popular trap remix of “Spaceman” by Hardwell, which of course he dropped. Carnage’s set started out with a few festival type favorites, “Error 404” by Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan, “Hit It” by GTA, Henrix & Digital Lab and “Wakanda” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Midway through his set, Carnage decided to showcase what he was known for, trap. The dancefloor erupted as he dropped his remix of “Cannonball” by ‪Showtek & Justin Prime along with “Bird Machine” by DJ Snake. His “Spaceman” remix came towards the end of his set and to say that the crowd went insane would be a severe understatement. As soon as those triplet snares and bassline kicked in I witnessed a half naked man with a panda suit jumping around in a wild abandon. Everyone seemed to have lost his or her wits in a good way.

Recap: Control 4 Year Anniversary with Carnage, Jack Beats, Whiite with Surprise Guest Dillon Francis

With an already hyped up crowd, Jack Beats, the main artists of the night, stepped on stage and we were welcomed by ear-piercing screams of joy from their fans. As they each opened their respective laptops and began their set the energy and vibes in the room began to rise yet again. Playing a set full of funky electro house, some drum and bass and dark tech house, Jack Beats had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. Midway through their set, a familiar face stepped on stage. With his slicked backed golden hair and a grin that stretched across his whole face, he screamed “LA make some f***king noise for my friends Jack Beats!” The crowd realized that it was none other than moombahton king, Dillon Francis. Being the special guest of the night, he took over the decks for a bit during Jack Beats’ set dropping a trap remix of “Cry (Just A Little)” by Kennedy Jones. After Dillon’s guest performance, Jack Beats continued well into the early hours of the morning. Their performance was nothing short of epic and truly showcased their abilities as live artists.


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If Carnage or Jack Beats wasn’t really your cup of tea, Magnetic editor Rob Simas was playing a concoction of sounds in the Jerry Lewis Room all night long with pal CK. I walked in at the beginning of the night and heard the Tim Fuchs edit of “Golden Years” and "Got To Live" by Tapesh & Dayne S. Came back mid way through the night and caught a few more records: "The Blues (It Began In Africa)" by Romare and the Prins Thomas edit of “Canto Della Liberta.” And then again at the end of the night for “Shake It Mama” by Jupiter Jazz and "Apple Bottoms by Sepehr. The Jerry Lewis Room room was definitely the eye of the storm, providing a sanctuary away from the packed mainstage, making it the spot to relax and take a breather before heading back out into the chaos.


As the venue started to clear up around 2 am, up and comer Whiiite stepped on the stage and commanded a presence that was equivalent to Carnage. As soon as his electro/dubstep set started, people flocked back to the mainstage and were ready to party all over again. This event was massive and truly showcased Avalon’s ability to put on an amazing show.

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