Review: Didier Morris "Suspicious Love" EP via Southern Fried Records

Review: Didier Morris "Suspicious Love" EP via Southern Fried Records

Didier Morris is the alias of a Miami-grown producer inspired by both French and American house music. Although Morris is relatively fresh on the scene, the DJ cut his chops spinning in cred-rich boites like the Electric Pickle and has previously released music on respected labels like Spain's Flumo Records. His latest EP "Suspicious Love" arrives on Southern Fried Records, co-founded by Hot Chip and the 2 Bears' Joe Goddard, himself an unabashed lover of deep, classic house. And it's a great fit. Morris's airy, bubbly tracks evoke the spirit of Chicago's Larry Heard, London's X-Press 2 and Sheffield's Charles Webster. The first track "Her Demands" strips Italo house to an undulating groove, subtracting the piano loops, and sprinkling it with a female vocal enticing "Here, boy." "NoBabyMommaDrama" acts a response to "Her Demands," dropping a slurred, pitched-down, slightly gangster vocal rhapsodizing on the '90s and the cosmos over gurgling, arrhythmic tech-house beats. "Wonderful Seductions" goes the minimal, dubby route, and is marked by muted finger snaps, crisp hand claps, lightly skittering hi-hats, and leads perfectly into the aptly titled "That Disco Swinger," a dreamy bit of galactic deep house that soars on a tail wind of robo-strings that bring Shep Pettibone and Erik Kupper to mind. Morris' roots may be firmly planted in the underground, but he is clearly reaching for the stars. It should be an interesting trip, so hop aboard.

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