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Review: Hound Scales "Case (Nabis)" EP via Fifth Wall Records

Review: Hound Scales "Case (Nabis)" EP via Fifth Wall Records

A little over three months ago, electronic producer Nico Jacobsen moved from San Francisco to New York. On February 19th, Jacobsen under his alias Hound Scales will drop "Case (Nabis)," the first release on Fifth Wall records, a Brooklyn label he cofounded with Divvorce.

"Case (Nabis)" features five dark, leftfield tracks and three remixes by San Francisco's Icee Hot label and party co-founder Ghosts on Tape (Ryan Merry), Switzerland's Isolated Lines, and Sheffield's The Weal. The EP is a riotous, cacophonous package, dense with hard, deeply-textured techno bangers that Jacobsen describes as "junta rave". The term, he insists, has nothing to do with fascist coups and everything to do with the industrial party vibe of the urban warehouse scene. "While it's ravey, it's also a harsh environment, and in regard to the music I make, a sometimes violent and unforgiving experience." Teasing he adds, "I suppose I would equate the few times I make and play house and garage as the warlord giving out a few bags of food for a photo op." Not one to sit idle, Jacobsen will release another 12" EP, "Infinite Machine," in March.

Hound Scales may not be consciously plotting a techno revolution but his sonic uprising definitely pushes sound in provocative directions.

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You can download the Ghosts on Tape remix via XLR8R magazine here.

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