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Review: The M Machine "Metropolis Pt.2" via OWSLA Out Today

Review: The M Machine "Metropolis Pt.2" via OWSLA Out Today

Huge release here from San Francisco natives, The M Machine. After a successful "Metropolis Pt.1" EP on Sonny Moore’s OWSLA label, the trio make their sequel even bigger with "Metropolis Pt.2." Usually when an artist releases an EP there’s a highly anticipated song or two and a few that you don’t really feel; however, this six track EP doesn't fall into that trap. "Metropolis Pt. 2" is pure gold, track after track of impressive mood-evoking chords and melodies. The glitchy dubstep track "The Palace" (featuring vocals by Blake Hazard) is a bold way to start the EP but it definitely gives you an idea of what they're about. "Ghost in the Maschine" featuring Pennybirdrabbit as well "Tiny Anthem" have a very nostalgic sound that I can best describe as a cross between 80’s pop and electronic indie bands like MGMT and Passion Pit. The most melodic track from the EP would definitely be "Luma," with its beautiful piano arrangement playing in the foreground while rainfall is heard in the background. There’s a sudden discord that really sets the mood—not trying to spoil the rest of the track so go give it a listen. Next on the list is "Moon Song," a very interesting song that will catch you off guard—think dynamic and full of surprises. "Schadenfreude" finishes the EP in good fashion. For those curious about the track title, it means pleasure from other’s misfortunes. This would have to be my favorite of all the tracks simply because the drop sounds so damn amazing! Overall, the EP has something for everyone and every song is well composed. Cannot wait to hear more from these guys! Pick up the EP via iTunes here.

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