Watch: Nicky Romero & Nervo "Like Home" Official Music Video

Watch: Nicky Romero & Nervo "Like Home" Official Music Video

A few days back Mim & Liv—the precious ladies of Nervo—and Nicky Romero released the music video for their tune “Like Home” via Protocol Recordings. For those who know the concept of the song with its romantic lyrical content, the video just displays physical images of the record. The video demonstrates how Mim, Liv and Nicky Romero deal with their long distance relationships as traveling DJs who play endless shows. To be quick and blunt, the video is cute. Watching Nicky Romero facetime with a girlfriend in one shot then transitions into his nightlife job of being an artist just displays the mini battles EDM artist tackle when having a significant other back home while their away touring, traveling and uplifting the lives of endless people. Watch the video below. Enjoy!

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