Watch: Top Ten The Harlem Shake Videos

The Harlem Shake has officially gone viral. This original show stopper from Baauer that once stayed within the confines of your iPod or at shows has now made its way through cities, offices, television, video games and even different parts of the globe. Because anyone can participate, it’s pretty easy to see how this movement became so contagious. What exactly do you need to make a Harlem Shake video? Well, it's pretty simple:

1. The track: "Harlem Shake" by Baauer

2. A bunch of people who are willing to get goofy.

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3. One person who is willing to shake their asses off, while everyone does nothing. (Sometimes a mask is a nice touch, but not always necessary.)

4. When it says, “now do the harlem shake,” you do the Harlem Shake. What does that mean? Well…. shake it, rock it, roll it, lose it... whatever. This means everyone!

While there is no set guideline to exactly how you do the Harlem Shake, the above is just a basic outline. The actual Harlem Shake is up to your interpretation entirely; some use costumes, some lose their clothes, while others just get downright weird. Here at Magnetic, we’ve surfed the web and have come across quite a few prime Harlem Shake videos. So, without further ado I present to you…Magnetic’s Top 10 Harlem Shake Videos.

From my little pony, to dudes just hanging out, to girls in bikinis, to people at school, to an old dude at a party, to the army, to even video games… we’ve got you covered. Keep in mind viewer discretion is advised… you too might catch the Harlem Shake virus.

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