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Zeds Dead Top Ten Hot Sauces

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Zeds Dead’s new five-track “Hot Sauce” EP dropped a few days back via Diplo’s Mad Decent imprint (pick it up via Beatport and iTunes) and we've had it on repeat for a while now. We also love the hell out of hot sauce. Sriracha pretty much makes anything taste better. So...given the love that Zeds Dead obviously has for hot and tasty things and our hot sauce obsession, we just couldn’t resist hitting up the Canadian DJ/production duo (DC and Hooks) about their favorites. So here you go: their EP and 10 sauces they love.



An old Trinidadian grandmothers homemade hot sauce—you cant get this unless you happen to know an old Trinidadian grandmother that makes her own hot sauce. Its a scotch bonnet based sauce and its really hot but has a great garlicky sweetish flavor. I pretty much put it on everything when Im at home.



Chief Scotch Bonnet Sauce is the closest thing on the market Ive found to the one I just mentioned.



Tabasco. The classic, what would a Bloody Caesar be like without it? And for those of you outside Canada in countries where they dont make that drink, its the better version of a Bloody Mary.



The Hottest Sauce in the Universe (or something like that). Cant remember exactly what this one was called but it was by far the hottest thing Ive ever tasted. My friend gave some to me and it was like a psychedelic experience. First it was the hottest thing I had ever had off the bat, but then it got stronger and exponentially worse and hotter over the next ten minutes. I started getting all woozy and the room began to breathe in and out with me. I had to drink a lot of milk to calm it down. I wouldnt recommend this for any other purpose than to prank somebody with, or to experience hell for a while.



Sriracha. I love this one on almost everything but especially in Asian soups like Pho or hot and sour.

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Franks is a classic, although its kind of like the McDonalds of hot sauce, its not going to get you any cool points for mentioning but you cant deny it tastes good.



Hot Chili Oil. I cant remember a brand name of this stuff but you can get it in the supermarket, it comes in a jar filled with the chili peppers, which are hot but not so bad that you cant enjoy them on their own. Often they give a bowl of this at thin-crust-sit down type pizza restaurants and it adds a nice kick.



Cholula. Good for anything Mexican.



Whatever hot sauce they put on a chicken Shawarma. Whatevers in that mysterious ketchup squeeze bottle is essential for a Shawarma.



Zeds Dead Hot Sauce—the bawse of all sawses.

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