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Are You Ready to "Get Lost" at Miami's Music Week?

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Are You Ready to "Get Lost" at Miami's Music Week?

Ashique Subhan, known as Subb-an has no problem breaking out and soaring with his music.  From launching the label and production company, One Records in 2009 with Adam Shelton, to winning DJ Mag’s prestigious Best Breakthrough DJ award in 2011, this dj is breaking out with record speed.  From gaining experience at the helm of Below in the UK's underground party scene, to his upcoming debut March 23 and 24 in Miami during Music Week this dj is someone you want to experience.

When Ash was only fourteen years old he already new what he wanted to do with for a career. Many of us around that age ponder upon various future jobs we think we’d like to have one day but the sad truth is that not many of us grow up to live out our childhood dream job. He did. Ash did not have the fairytale Avicii-like meteoric rise to fame. He realized his goal very early on and worked as hard as he possibly could to get “there” and now at the age of 25 years old I think he can confidently say he is “there”. On building the record label, One Records, Subb said, "Ya know, adam and I have been working together for six or sevens years now and were really tight friends and we just decided to build a crew and our own sort of thing.  We haven’t really rushed into it, ya know.  We haven’t really bombarded the scene with releases every two or three weeks ya know. I think we’re going on our twentieth release right now and that’s going on about three years now so we have definitely taken it quite steady. It was just a platform for us to put out music that we liked and it was also a sort of way for us to build an image."

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I had the privilege of chatting with Subb for a few minutes after the Cross Town Rebels Tenth Year Anniversary party in NYC. Let me tell you… he is one hardworking, focused, and humble young man. We talked a little bit about his record label One Records and some of his upcoming events down in Miami during MMW.  Crosstown Rebels Present "Get Lost" Miami March 23, 2013 at Ice Palace West (Karu & Y). Over the last eight years Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels’ Get Lost party has become one of the cornerstone events of Miami Music Week.“The Get Lost parties are always absolutely insane!” A combination of the label's artists including Infinity Ink, Fur Coat, Subb-An and Francesca Lombardo will be joined by some extra special friends like Carl Craig, Eats Everything, Heidi, Tiga, Tini, Skream Sneak, over the course of an 18 hour marathon. Extra release tickets are still available here. Additionally, limited tickets will be available on the door from 11AM and throughout the day according to capacity.

On Sunday, Subb makes his debut on Ultra's Bayfront Stage (Surface) at 6 pm alongside other greats playing deep house music such as Damian Lazarus, Art Department, Seth Troxler, Lee Foss, and Francesca Lombardo.  Having never performed at Ultra he said, "I've not actually been to the ultra fest but I know its quite a big thing and a big sort of stage…"  After Ultra, Subb plans to return to New York.    As for Subb's future plans, " "We’re really excited for the next year for the label with some releases.  As for new releases, he said, "The funny thing is that we're really not looking for anything because we just have so much stuff.  We have the next year kind of sorted out. Especially through traveling, we meet so many artists and so many great local resident djs that have so much good stuff like talent and good music that we get sent regularly. If it's right, its just right!"

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