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Brain-Controlled Headphones by Neurowear—Plays Music According To Your Mood

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Brain-Controlled Headphones by Neurowear

Fuck Beats by Dre, I want a pair of brain controlled headphones. At least I think I do. I came across this gem via Engadget yesterday and the headlines says it all. No fingers needed, your brain selects music according to your mood.

Did you see that brain controlled tail or the cat ears that wiggled according to the mood of the wearer that was making Internet rounds after CES this year? Same company behind those are responsible for these. The Mico headphones by Neurowear are outfitted with a sensor that connects to your forehead and to your smartphone with Bluetooth and taps into your brain to select songs according to your current mood.

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According to Neurowear:

mico frees the user from having to select songs and artists and allows users to encounter new music just by wearing the device. The device detects brainwaves through the sensor on your forehead. Our app then automatically plays music that fits your mood.

Umm, ok.

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