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EDM Culture: Mikael Weermets Recaps The Generation Wild Tour with Deniz Koyu, Danny Avila and dBerrie

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First of all, let me just say thank you from all members and organizers of Generation Wild. All of you people who came and raved with us are just as a big part of this as we are, and without you guys and your amazing energy we could have never pulled this off. - Mikael Weermets

Now, let me introduce the gang…


My name is Mikael Weermets, I'm 26 years old and I'm from Gothenburg, Sweden. Most of you probably know me better as the skinny tattooed guy who was either playing bleepy but funky sounds, or the skinny tattooed guy who was poring champagne down your throat. Champagne poring is a work of art, at least if you ask my friend and teacher, Mr. Kirill, our beloved half Russian/celebrity/superstar photographer whose main job is to take embarrassing pictures of us doing wild but always not so smart things. On top of our family we have German/Turkish professor Bong, or as most of you might know him—Deniz Koyu. Deniz is, if you ask me, one of the strongest pioneers of what we today call the EDM scene, and few people has a form-curve even remotely close to his, a real Superstar in the making. Speaking of superstars in the making, in between that we have a 17-year old wonderboy (with a fear of vegetables) who practically smashes everything that comes in his way both DJ and production wise. The man behind our best haircut and cutest smile is of course Mr. Danny Avila. Coming back to eatable items as vegetables, my head suddenly jumps to our next character.


If you haven’t seen a man of regular size eat 3 appetizers, a main course + 2 desserts + my leftover french fries, I’ll invite you to our next dinner. Mr. David "dBerrie" Berrie is often seen with either a bottle of Patron Silver or a burger (sometimes both, one in each hand) on stage. David has over the last year rocketed into stardom with banging releases, one after the other. When he's not in the studio making magic, he’s on tour with us, ripping apart dancefloors in a way you cant even imagine.


Enough about the individual characters, let’s talk about what we as a group feel for a while. Putting 4 DJ’s or musicians plus a crazy photographer in a room together is a bold thing to do. 5 egos, 5 different personalities, 5 artists/wise-asses, 10 arms, 50 toes… Yeah, you get the picture. After this though I’m pretty sure we are all very happy that our beloved management decided to put this together, because after 4 weeks together were not 5 egos anymore, we are one family. To experience the Generation Wild as we did, together with you guys, is something we have never experienced before. We have all played to enormous crowds, the best clubs and the top festivals in the world, but this was something else. For me, this was my first visit to the USA, and I must say, you guys are by far the most energetic and involved crowd in the world.

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EDM has taken over North America in a way that I think no one could have ever imagined. The fact that we sold out Generation Wild at the mighty Webster Hall is nothing but remarkable, and something that I myself could have never even dreamt about. Everywhere our dear tour bus took us, we united with the city and together with you guys on the floor to set a historic mark in the North American book of EDM. And with this being only the first chapter of the book we call Generation Wild, one can only assume what’s going to happen next.

Touring by bus was also a first for me, and to everyone else on our bus too, except for our tour manager Jace. Flying airplanes is a lot of fun, but only like maybe first 200 times you do it. After that, all the stress, delays, cancellations, annoying lines plus security staff becomes a lot more clear to you and you start wishing for someone giving out free teleport machines in the near future.



At the end of the night, we were all often maybe just a little bit tipsy. As our name states Generation Wild and not Mild, we do have something to live up to, right? Falling asleep (passing out) on airports just cause you had to leave straight from the show to the airport is something we all can familiarize with, and by having our beloved tour bus, this wasn't a problem for us anymore. Falling asleep/passing out on your bunk in the tour bus in Chicago and waking up in Columbus Ohio is the mother of all comfortable if you are living in our DJ-world.


The future...

We are more then excited that our next Generation Wild-tour is already on the map. Another month of total craziness is on the horizon, and we are all taking deep breaths and assuming positions, getting ready for the second part of this story. Come with us on this musical journey, come and get weird with us! Be part of the Generation Wild!

P.S. There’s no way I could ever explain how this all felt, was, came together, but I at least gave it a try.

Thank you so much for reading.

Mikael Weermets & The Generation Wild

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