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EDM Culture Yesterday: ‪New York ‬C‪lubbing‬ In The '80s, A Look At T‪he ‬E‪merging ‬D‪ance ‬Mu‪sic ‬S‪cene‬

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EDM Culture Yesterday: ‪New York ‬C‪lubbing‬ In The '80s, A Look At T‪he ‬E‪merging ‬D‪ance ‬Mu‪sic ‬S‪cene‬

Not speaking from personal experience, but New York in the '80s was a pretty magical place—I know a few New York types that long for days gone by. The city was special for a lot of reasons; the music scene and how different styles and sounds were sloshing around in and around night clubs being the best part about it in my book.

The Tube was a UK show in that aired in the '80s that focused on up-and-coming bands. They had everyone from Art of Noise and Duran Duran to Heaven 17 and Killing Joke. They featured a pretty eclectic cast of characters and the few shows I've seen on Youtube kinda remind of old MTV meets TV Party with Glenn O'Brien.

So The Tube, here's an excerpt of a show that has them coming to our side of the pond and waxing over the then current club scene in New York. They stop at Paradise Garage, Danceteria, The Roxy and take a quick outside look at the grunge/rock club CBGB…all places where legends were made.

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And since I brought up TV Party, here's a documentary about the public access TV show from New YorkCity that kicked off in the late '70s. The show was such a hot mess, but that's what it made it brilliant.That and it went to the heart of what was happening in the city at the time.

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