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EDM Download: A-trak "Episode 18" Fool's Gold Radio

EDM Download: A-trak "Episode 18" Fool's Gold Radio

This month A-Trak brings us Episode 18 of Fool's Gold Radio. While the show isn't new to Magnetic, I just wanted to take the time to write a little bit about this one. I was having a pretty tiresome start this morning from lack of sleep and what felt like not enough hours in the day. On my drive to work I couldn't decide on what to play to get me out of my funk when I saw this podcast in my feed. Pressing play, I waited anxiously to see how I would react. A-trak thank you for this one. I drove the rest of the way to work with the biggest grin on my face dancing to a good dose of electro house and the feel good vibrations of the bass bumping out of my speakers. This podcast includes tracks from Wolfgang Gartner, gLAdiator, CRNKN, Flosstradamus, DJ Sliink, and so many others. It also includes the Jack Beats remix of "Landline," which came out earlier this week from A-trak and GTA. Need I say more? Grab the free download now.

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