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EDM Download: Afrojack "Bangtrap"

EDM Download: Afrojack "Bangtrap"

With sights of Beyond Wonderland closely coming upon us, it's a good idea to brush up on your DJ  knowledge and get reacquainted with a few tracks. Maybe you will even find some tracks that you never knew existed before. I know I did. In my attempt to put together a "Get Ready for Beyond" playlist, I came across "Bangtrap" from Afrojack and although it only lasts for a glorious 1:58 seconds, chances are you will play it enough times to last the length of a full 60-minute set... I know it has made an appearance on my playlist at least twice. This trap track has everything you need from big bass to big builds to get you amped and ready to go. Forget the red bull, forget drinking lots of coffee, just grab this free EDM download.

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