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EDM Download: Annie Mac Presents Jakwob "Fade" Etherwood VIP

EDM Download: Annie Mac Presents Jakwob "Fade" Etherwood VIP

Not a lot of things in life to get you happy about Mondays, but I do look forward to Annie Mac's free offerings each week. If you haven't already heard her latest spotlight, Annie Mac brings us a new remix of Jakwob's “Fade” by Etherwood. The original is a great track on its own, but like all good songs, remixes are to be made and a new twists are to be spun. Blooming from Etherwood comes a soothing, more downtempo take on the original, opening with a nice use of a flute that instantly brought me to a state of peace. While the original beat uses the piano, the flute somehow gives it an extra meditative feel. The vocals from Maiday remain hauntingly beautiful and chilling, leaving me covered in goosebumps. Safe to say I am thrilled with this weeks Free Music Monday and can't wait to see what next week has in store.

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