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EDM Download: heRobust "Busted House" EP

Free Download: heRobust "Busted House" EP Dont Post until 1

Another week, another free EDM download from none other than heRobust. How Hayden Kramer found the time to bust out these bass packed beats over the last couple of weeks and an EP baffles me... but hey, I'm not complaining and neither are my ears! If the track names "Assault N Peppa" and "Flossed N Found" didn't peak your interest, the unique use of synths and lasers surely will. Filled with what Hayden calls, "electro trap," his "Busted House" EP will definitely have your subwoofers banging and your speakers busted... and in a good way. I'm pleased to have listened to this over the weekend and have no intentions of stopping. Hope you enjoy and don't be afraid to get turnt up.

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