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EDM News: Calling All Up and Coming DJs…Wanna Play at Electric Daisy Carnival, Chicago?

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Calling All Up and Coming DJs…Wanna Play at Electric Daisy Carnival, Chicago?

EDM News: The idea behind Insomniac's Discovery Project is pretty freaking awesome. With so much emerging and undiscovered EDM talent out there, the difficulty that up-and-coming DJs face when trying to cut through the chatter right now is not only hard, but gets louder each day. Can't imagine too many DJs that wouldn't want the chance to play at Electric Daisy Carnival, Chicago.

If this is you, this is your competition will present several artists with the chance to perform at EDC Chicago

if the idea of alongside some of today’s top talent in electronic dance music at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill. on May 25 sounds amazing then this is your competition.

“As the dance music scene continues to grow so does the number of emerging talent waiting for their chance to be heard,” said Pasquale Rotella, CEO and founder of Insomniac. “The Discovery Project is one of my favorite initiatives, finding untapped producers and offering a performance on a stage unlike any other, at EDC Chicago. We search for those artists willing to experiment and introduce new sounds that will inspire our fans to dance like no one is watching."

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If you want a chance to be heard, giddy and submit a 30-minute DJ mix that best represents your personal style, as well as a remix of Bad Boy Bill’s “Unsaid” featuring Tamra Keenan.

You can upload your mix with the tag “Discovery Project: EDC Chicago” to MixCloud with the words “Discovery Project: EDC Chicago” somewhere in the title. Their remix of Bad Boy Bill’s track can be submitted to the Insomniac Events SoundCloud drop box with the same title requirement.

Judging for the contest will be done by a panel from the Discovery Project team and will focus on track selection, originality and technical ability. No amount of plays or favorites from fans are required but if two submissions receive equal scores from the Discovery Project judges plays and favorites could play a factor in the final selection. So definitely do your part and promote your work through Mixcloud and social media sites.

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