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EDM News: Steve Aoki, "The Neon Punk of EDM," Graces The Cover of The LA Weekly

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Steve Aoki: The Neon Punk of EDM

EDM News: There's a crappy little cafe in our building that after months of avoiding I finally buckled today and ate lunch there. While waiting for my grub I noticed Steve Aoki riding a skateboard on the cover of the new LA Weekly. Being the doggy little place it is, I didn't stick around to eat in said dinning establishment and sadly forgot to bring a copy of the Weekly back up to the office, but figured I'd share the article with you readers non-the-less.

The story was written by Dennis Romero (whom may or may not ring a bell—he had a few choice words about a recent article we published about an LA Times article, which you an read here). Anywho… Tip of the hat to Aoki for making the cover.

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"For all his success, the 35-year-old Angeleno is an unlikely EDM superstar. He came out of left field in the mid-'00s, playing indie rock and hip-hop, letting the likes of Lindsay Lohan take over his decks, and practically dissing dance-music royalty, telling Billboard's Kerri Mason in 2007: "Paul van Dyk, Erick Morillo, Tiësto—I have never even heard of half these DJs, or know their music." For contemporary kids, he proclaimed, "It's no longer electronic music."

Aoki has lived to eat those words, gleefully so. He's not only a convert—he's also American EDM's new prince. The punk who took the piss out of the superstar DJ is now the highest-ranked stateside spinner on DJ Magazine's vaunted annual Top 100 DJs poll. Only L.A.'s Skrillex, who's relatively new to DJing and uses a push-button laptop program, ranks higher."

You can read the full story here.

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