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EDM News: What Does Avicii Think Older DJs Are Saying To Try And Stay Relevant?

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What Does Avicii Think Older DJs Are Saying To Try And Stay Relevant?

The notion of a DJ who determines what to play by reading the room feels like something a lot of older DJs are saying to kind of desperately cling on staying relevant. -Avicii

Really Tim? Really? Talk about a foot in mouth quote. Don't get me wrong, I'm not Internet hating to hate. And I do I understand where Avicii's words are coming from. The man equals chart topping popularity and is hearted by many and has gotten there in a short amount of time. People that hate on someone just because they're poplar makes no sense. Fuck the shit talking about Madanna and the Ralph Lauren bitter bastards. What DJ out there would be mad by a girl flinging their bra at them while they were playing (gay DJs included), or lavishly traveling the world in a private jet going from gig to gig, eating the best food, staying at the nicest hotels, holding up two fingers like there should be a cigarette between them, but there isn't, and then BAM there is one. Or simply raising an arm using a C-shaped gesture with your hand to get a drink. It's every DJs dream, whether they're a bright lights and colored gels or dark and dirty underground type of entertainer, to step up to the DJ booth and own the room before the first song is even played. Talk about life being great. Tho I imagine champagne at night, bloody marys at the airport and maybe some wine on the plane, while it sounds pretty damn awesome, too much of anything is guaranteed to get old sooner or later.

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What happens when one day, you jump up there on stage and hit play on your first song…and you wait there for a second, but the young girls don't start crying? Sure, one might chalk it up to the fact that the VIP crowd isn't quite as energetic as the normal folk. What about the second night, tho, when everyone doesn't throw their hands in the air? What about the day when you no longer have the foresight or ability to "know what's going to work?" When the music you pre programmed doesn't retain the energy level you thought it would. What happens when your jumping around and throwing your hands up doesn't cause people to do the same. You can always just drop an energetic song to get your through the scary moments. I know, it's lame… it's something an opening DJ might do, get up there and start playing the biggest tunes possible from the minute they get in front of everyone.

Avicii also points out in the article that "It sounds very abstract, but a great DJ takes his audience on a journey." The wisdom of craft is impressive. Sage advice kids, sage advice. Read more about "The King of Oontz Oontz Oontz."

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