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Essential EDM: The Magnetic Ten (March 12th, 2013)

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Essential EDM: The Magnetic Ten (March 12th, 2013)

House music, not of the Swedish House Mafia variety, seems to be the talk of the town as of late. That said, we're typically a bit more eclectic with our buzz chart, but this time around we decided to give some shine to the deeper cuts that are currently squatting on our airwaves more often than not. In other words…the essential EDM we have on heavy rotation—in no particular order. And one Glass Candy tune for good measure. Hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

Marc Ashken featuring SOS "Cat Walk" (The Classic Music Company)
File this under sleazy jam—and 100% addictive. Nothing wrong with a little S&M stylings in a house tune. If the bass and beat don't lure you in, the lyrics surely will. I'm at your command.

Tapesh & Dayne S "Got To Live" (OFF Recordings)
File this under anthem. Talk about a hooky ass song. The baseline, the vocals, the steel bells…everything is working perfect here. This is how you make a dark and dirty dancefloor at 3 am feel like summer time.

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Butch featuring Benjamin Franklin "Highbeams" (Butch Remix) (Hot Creations)
Wow, Benjamin Franklin has such a powerful voice. Butch and Hot Creations have themselves a winner here. The entire EP is top notch, but the Butch remix sets it off right with Franklin channeling himself some Harlequin 4's.

Mike Mago "The Show" (Bmktlsch Rcrds)
What a statement Mike Mago and his Bmktlsch Rcrds imprint are making on this one. If this is what's in store for 2013, you'll be reading more about this camp. The bass, the Nineties piano work and the soulful vocal…good stuff, indeed.

Masters In France "Playin With My Friends" (Leftside Wobble Big In Japan Edit) (Unknown)
Not sure when this came out, but who cares. Over 1000 people hit up Leftside Wobble asking that he make this track available as a free download. The man obliged and we love him for it. Get it while you can...

Vosper & Bozzwell "Music For The Lost and Dead" (Eskimo Twins Remix) (Throne Of Blood Recordings)
James Friedman and his Throne of Blood imprint have consistently released quality since launching in the mid 2000s. Tip of the hat to Vosper & Bozzwell for keeping the tradition intact and raising the bar a little while their at it. Eskimo Twins know how to twiddle a 303.

Lucky Stripes "Take Me Dancing" (Erkka remix) (Not on Label)
This is another Soundcloud discovery. Lucky Stripes is Alvar Tallskog, an 18-years-old producer/DJ from Helsinki. Erkka also Helsinki, Finland turned out a rather stunning remix. Best of all it's available as a free download.

David Bowie "Golden Years" (Tim Fuchs Edit) (Unreleased)
I've had this song stuck on repeat for a while now. First heard it on Flight Facilities' mix for Triple J. At first I thought I was something for headphone listening, but surprisingly it has a nice thump to it when played on a big system. Free download too...

George FitzGerald "Thinking Of You" (Hotflush Recordings)
It's been a few years since George FitzGerald dropped music via Hotflush, but here we are and what a return it is. Radio 1 featured this in their Essential Mix not to long ago as part of their Future Stars’ series. We concur… George FitzGerald is without a doubt one to keep an eye on this year. Calling all dark and dirty dancefloors.

Glass Candy "Geto Boys" (Italians Do It Better)
Thanks Johnny Jewel, and thank you too Soundcloud, wouldn't have discovered this one without you. Recorded In 2008, Glass Candy make good use of their Geto Boys' sample of "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" and Isaac Hayes' tune "Hung Up On My Baby" while singing "IKO IKO" by James Sugar Boy Crawford. Ridiculousness in the best possible way.

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