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ETC!ETC!—Balancing Kids, Cookies and a Career

ETC!ETC!: Keeping It Real, Radiating Love, Etc.,Etc.

Being a DJ is a full time job. Coming up with the time to produce new tracks, play shows and intermingle with everyone is by no means a piece of cake. Yet somehow, someway, Jose aka ETC!ETC! manages to do just that... and juggle being a husband and a father on top of it all. In this past week alone, Jose has put out numerous bangers from his collabo with Must Die! called "Panic Attack," which we featured to his free download with AC Slater called, "Bitches Love Me." Last night he even dropped a mashup featuring tracks from Benny Benassi and Public Enemy titled, "Bring the Noise," with the intention of releasing for free download sometime this week. In the meantime, there are also some collaborations with Protohype and Brillz for us to look forward to as well as some projects with Borgore. There's even an ETC!ETC! EP to keep an eye out for in the future about a man dedicated to giving his fans some fresh tracks to listen to. On the flip side, this hardworking DJ also emanates love for his wife and kids. Just recently, I saw a photo posted on Facebook of him with his daughter and let me tell you....she's adorable.

So how does he do it? I had the honor of chatting with Jose this past week and  found that to be able to do what you love with the support of people you love then it'll all figure itself out despite difficulties. I think this is something we can all strive for and learn from.

...little by little I think I just found my fit into what I am today.

What made you use the name ETC!ETC!? I know your love for robots come from Daft Punk (excited for their comeback?!), but is their a story behind your name?

I was going to DJ a party and they needed to put a name on the flyer. I didnt have a name yet and I didn't want to use my first name..."DJ Jose " or some crappy name like that. So I thought to myself... what type of music do I play? What kind of dude I am?  I realized I played all genres: dance, hip-hop, techno, etc, etc... So I was like yeah... ETC!ETC! will be my name. The exclamation points are supposed to be like it's more in your face kind of thing.

And I'm super stoked on Daft Punk's come back...I cant tell you how excited I am!

Do you think Los Angeles has influenced your music style? You're from LA, right?

Born and raised. My influences come from what I listened to growing up: Beatles, Los Bukis, Robert Carlos, Raul Diblasio, Cursive. Any band that touched any instrument influenced me really.

Any tracks currently stuck in your head?

"Fuzzy Peach" by Brillz and  "Twerk for Gold" by Valentino Khan. Those tunes are sooo catchy.

What do you like to do in your free time when you aren’t traveling or making music?

Spending time with my wife and kids and eating cookies. Oh, and laying around on my couch. There's a nice groove where I lay.

The only partying I do, and hardly any at that, I do only when I DJ or when I go out to see my friends or other shows.

How and why did you get your start? Any interesting anecdotes there? Is there anyone you owe “big time?”

I was in a bunch of bands growing up and  little by little we started to fall apart. Then I started to make my own music... I always loved Daft Punk (it's why I love robots), but I didn't cross the EDM scene until I got into “The Faint." When I heard them—thats what I wanted to make... dance music.

Do you feel you have a different perspective on what “night life” is being a husband and father? What do your wife and daughter think of you being a DJ? Is it difficult balancing being at home and being on the road playing shows?

Lately it has been difficult. Mainly because I've been on the road and hardly get to spend time with my wife and kids. I  have a daughter (Olive 2) and a son (Isaac 2 months). When I come home I feel like I've been gone forever, but my wife understands and supports me 100 percent. My nightlife doesn't consist of partying really. The only partying I do, and hardly any at that, I do only when I DJ or when I go out to see my friends or other shows. It's strictly business—to network and do my thing. I try to facetime as much as I can while I'm on the road. And no, they don't come with  me. They are too small.


Can you walk us through your various musical phases? From early interest to actual creative output, how did they tie into your waking life? Alter your taste in fashion, art, literature?

Hmm phases. Well, it's hard to describe. I was really into Beatles at one point. I started walking around with my guitar everwhere and then got into the punk band scene (tight shirts, tight pants, long hair). Then there was the emo stage... I don't even wanna go into that, but little by little I think I just found my fit into what I am today.

What life activities are made better when listening to music? Talk about the last time you enjoyed one and the other.

Car rides are better when listening to music. Although, I have been known to get too into the jams to the point where I don't pay attention to how I'm driving. I love working out and listening to music—releases stress really.

ETC!ETC!—Balancing Kids, Cookies and a Career
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If you visualize music as you listen, what (generally) do you imagine?

John Lennon. I see him making ALL the music I listen to.

I got them because it reminds me of what I went through when I listened to those bands.. whether it was a shitty breakup, or falling in love, or getting punched in the face at a random concert.

Tell me about your most memorable night out. Either as an artist or as a music fan.

Umm sheesh. I remember turning 21 and being in Vegas and my wife was with me. I think it was the best feeling...growing up—and having the person I love by my side... and getting drunk and not being able to stand. :D

Tell us about a specific event or period in your life that is linked in your mind to a song/album.

Every song I hear, when I go through a period of time, is a reminder in my life of what I have gone through, achieved, have, etc. I mean it may sound cliche, but it's true. Even the dumbest songs I know make me think of the weirdest things... like "Gangam Style" reminds me of my daughter and  always will...weird.

If "Gangam Style" reminds you of your daughter and music is a huge part of your life... I have to ask, does she listen to any of your music? Any funny stories there?

She does listen to my music, but only when I'm working on it. When she sees me leave she jumps on my chair and puts my headphones on and hits play and bobs her head... that's about it.

Is there a band whose covers you love? Or a designer of covers?

Yes,  there is actually a few band covers that I love enough to even get tattood on me: Ugly Casanova, Modest Mouse, Beatles, At the Drive In, Thursday and Elliot Smith.

I got them because it reminds me of what I went through when I listened to those bands.. whether it was a shitty breakup, or falling in love, or getting punched in the face at a random concert.

How do you choose what tracks you remix?

If I  like the artist and track.

Do you discuss or exchange ideas with other producers?

All the time. I think it's great to learn from other producers. I learn new things everyday... it's amazing how much there is to learn.

Discuss a musician or an era which has influenced you. When and how did you come upon what moved you?

John Lennon, Tim Kasher... dudes that write and make music with their heart and pain. I wish I  could express myself that way. They make everyone feel the way they sing or write about. It's amazing.

Which do you prefer, a smoky, low-lit club or a big stage with bright lights and colored gels?

I like a more intimate club where everyone is feeling everything together.

What software do you use? Ableton? Fruity Loops? Why? What makes it better?

I use Ableton. I used to use Reason, but with Ableton I found I could do everything I wanted. All I needed was to move my finger tips. It may be a bit complex to first time users, but once you get the hang of it... it's your best friend.

What was your favorite toy as a child and when/why did you stop playing with it?

Crossfire. Lol

Lastly, if your life was measured in BPMs, what would it be and why?

110 BPM. There would be lots of builds and hypes... and a smooth drop. I think 110 BPM is sexy and I'd like to think I kinda am.

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