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Event Recap: Carl Cox Destroys Exchange LA—Oh Yes, Oh Yes!

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Event Recap: Carl Cox Destroys Exchange LA—Oh Yes, Oh Yes!

This past weekend was fucking chalked full of events in the Los Angeles area. From Ben Clock killing it at an undisclosed warehouse to Sasha bringing us his take on EDM at Sound, this weekend was not for the faint of heart. Oh yeah, there was also this small group called Swedish House Mafia that played twice over the weekend. With all these things going on I was a little bit worried about people showing up for the legend Carl Cox but was pleasantly surprised with the turnout. The Swedish House Mafia event going on actually turned out to be a godsend in that only the true Carl Cox fans showed up and damn they showed up in spades.

Carl Cox needs no introduction. Always evolving yet never forgetting his routs, the man knows how to put on a good show. As always, Cox was at the helm with his 4 CDJs and his RMX1000 for a plethora of effects and on the fly loops. Effortlessly morphing sounds into melodies... Cox had the crowd going from start to finish.

Billed as a three hour set Cox came on sometime around 12:30 and had us partying early into the morning. He stopped time (or fast-forwarded it in the case of Daylight Saving Time) as his songs literally morphed into each other creating one long emotional journey. I could not think of a better way to celebrate the seemingly pointless (in 2013) changing of the clocks than with the legend at the helm of my euphoric journey.

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Cheesy statements aside, Insomniac and Exchange LA are to thank for making this happen so smoothly. Aside from a miscommunication between myself and the venue about bringing a camera in (which is why there is a lack of pictures in the post) everything went as planned. This was my first time at Exchange and I only have positive things to say about it. Insomniac sure has a winner here and I hope to come back to more events at this location! Seriously guys I do not know if it was just a fluke night but in the little time that they have been open they seem to have figured out how to shuffle people in the venue without waiting too long (which cannot be said about most of the other venues in Los Angeles).

Carl Cox is bringing his massive stage to Ultra that is not to miss. All you guys going to Ultra have no excuses not to see the master in the hot Florida sun while I am jealous stuck in the office.

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