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Event Recap: Conspirator at The Central in Santa Monica—A Sneak Peek At What Promises To Be An Game Changing Tour

Conspirator is a livetronica band that is led by the Disco Biscuits bassist and keyboardist, Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner. Like the Biscuits, Conspirator is defined by their tremendous stage presence and rely heavily on their instruments as well as their improvisational skills. However, unlike Bisco which is more rooted in the jam band scene, Conspirator has a penchant for all things electronic and full of bass. A tendency that has only grown with the full time inclusion of Pendulum's touring drummer, KJ Sawka, into the bands roster.


Conspirator has been around for years, but for many they usually wind up playing second fiddle to the more well known Disco Biscuits. This has always struck me as being strange since Conspirator is a veritable supergroup (including the guys from Bisco, KJ from Pendulum, and Chris Michetti of RAQ) with a reputation for face melting jams and insane live performances. However, now they are beginning to step out from behind the shadow of the Biscuits and are becoming a touring force—having just finished headlining the Aura Music & Arts Festival they are already embarking on a nationwide tour in support of their latest album which will include stops at Bonnaroo, Summer Camp and the Catskill Chill.

In their aptly titled latest album, Unleashed, Conspirator has loosed some crazy tunes that are just begging to be unleashed on the dancefloor. These bass heavy bangers are hard enough to appeal to any dubstep fan yet melodic enough to also get their jam band fans noodling about. It is truly an amazing, and precarious, balance that they, and them alone, are able to strike. The album is awesome so download it on iTunes, but this is a live-electronica band so I strongly suggest that you see them live at one of the 28 nationwide dates they will be playing on their current tour.

The lucky few who were able to catch an incredibly intimate tour kickoff at The Central in Santa Monica got a sneak peek at what promises to be an game changing tour. Although I was slightly bummed at first that Break Science, the opening band for the majority of the tour [The one time it doesn't pay to live in LA. -ED], wasn't going to be opening. I was however pleasantly surprised when the night's opener, NVO, shredded the stage with the fury of a proto-STS9 looking to make an acronymic name for themselves.

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Then after a few drinks it was time for the main event, Conspirator on a stage that was barely big enough to fit their equipment in a room that maxes out at about 100 people, score. Having started a bit late the band immediately launched into what would become a 2-hour tour de force set where they explored their newest album, older material and even a few Disco Biscuits jams. At one point they even brought out a cover of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" which promptly caused everyone in the room to lose their shit. Then towards the end of the set they announced that it had just become KJ's birthday at midnight and that if anyone in the audience had work tomorrow they could leave but Conspirator was going to keep on playing.

As I left the venue the thought that couldn't escape me was, if this is how they play at a small room in Los Angeles on a Wednesday night then it is going to be absolutely insane when they play on the weekends for audiences in the thousands (and with Break Science opening). So my advice is to go out and buy your tickets while you still can, because the Unleashed tour is one you won't want to miss.

Tour Dates:
3/15 (Fri) at The Independent in San Francisco, CA
3/16 (Sat) at Crystal Bay Casino Ballroom in Crystal Bay, NV
3/18 (Mon) at Three20South in Breckenridge, CO
3/19 (Tues) at Vail Ale House in Vail, CO
3/20 (Wed) at The Eldo in Crested Butte, CO
3/21 (Thurs) at Belly Up in Aspen, CO
3/22 (Fri) at Aggie Theater in Ft Collins, CO
3/23 (Sat) at Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO
4/3 (Wed) at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT
4/4 (Thurs) at Gramercy Theatre in New York, NY
4/5 (Fri) at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT
4/6 (Sat) at Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA
4/7 (Sun) at The Note in West Chester, PA
4/13 (Sat) at Euphoria Music Festival in New Braunfels, TX
4/17 (Wed) at Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY
4/18 (Thurs) at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY
4/19 (Fri) at Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY
4/20 (Sat) at UMASS Mullins Center in Amherst, MA
5/25 (Sat) at Summer Camp in Chillicothe, IL
6/7 (Fri) at Mountain Jam Festival in Hunter, NY
6/13 (Thurs) at Bonnaroo Music Festival Manchester, TN
8/22 (Thurs) at Camp Barefoot Music Festival in Bartow, WV
9/7 (Sat) at Catskill Chill Music Festival in Hancock, NY

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