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First Listen: Andy Caldwell 'The Future' Featuring Angela McCluskey

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Happy Friday everybody. Hopefully y'all are getting restless at your desks and ready to party the weekend away. We sure are here at the Magnetic office. For all you big room house fans out there get excited. Today Andy Caldwell released the song "The Future" and should be downloaded immediately. Show off to your friends while pre-partying. Listen to it on your drive home. Fuck it! Listen to it right now and dance around your office.

Andy Caldwell sure has grown over the past decade from his San Francisco house roots. Embracing more of the big house sound recently, this song fits squarely in that category. Featuring the beautiful vocals of Angela McCluskey this song will satisfy any electronic music fan. This song is sure to be on DJ rotations in the near future so get at it while it is hot!

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