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Free Download: The Knocks "Magic" Viceroy Remix

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Free Download: The Knocks "Magic" Viceroy Remix

Nu disco kingpin Viceroy is committed to warming up this cold world of ours with his simple but profound philosophy: “summertime, all the time.” Hailing from San Francisco where cloudy days outnumber sunny ones by a long shot, it may seem odd that Viceroy would become the spokesperson and representative for summertime feel good vibes, but his music qualifies him by continuously letting the sun shine in. Take his latest remix of “Magic” by NYC producers The Knocks. He took the deep grooves and disco tribal feel of the original and gave their sound an impressive shimmer with his glassy synth stabs, dramatic 80’s breakdowns and driving conga drum fills, all over a solid gold nu disco beat. Delivering on his promise, Viceroy elevates the listener beyond the cloudy gloom of winter and transports them to the various beaches, pool parties and summertime playgrounds he calls home.

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