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From LA to Miami: GDD Roadtrips To SXSW & WMC, With Plenty Of Stops In-Between

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From LA to Miami: GDD Roadtrips To SXSW & WMC, With Plenty Of Stops In-Between

Our good friends over at Gotta Dance Dirty are heading to SXSW and WMC this year, and they’re doing so in a fashion that most young EDM culture loving Americans dream of—a cross-country road trip in an RV! With full backing and sponsorship by music-driven lifestyle brand TAVIK, GDD staples Trevor Moffitt (Bones), Matt Black (Burn Unit), Troy Kurtz and Jonah Berry are packing their bags and heading east to see the many sites this great land has to offer and to drown themselves in as much good BBQ and banging beats as they can along the way.

Despite my extreme jealousy and resentment at not being included in this voyage, I took a quick moment to sit down with my good friend Matt Black so that he could fill me in about their impending epic trip.

How did this trip come to be? How did you find the RV and how did your sponsorship with TAVIK happen? Also what is TAVIK exactly?

It started off as a joke, but we quickly realized it was a great idea. For years at WMC we've all stayed in Troy Kurtz's amazing Downtown Miami apartment, directly across from the Ultra Music Festival grounds. Since he finally made the move to LA this winter, we got to talking about WMC plans and he joked about staying in an RV, as there had been one parked on our block for a few days, and I then joked about just driving one across the country and staying in it.

A few beers and a few hours later we had a pretty serious Google Doc drafted up with potential stops for events along the way, RV rental companies, gas costs, and sponsor ideas, and TAVIK was one of the first that came to mind. Having worked with them in the past for our Saguaro Weekender pool parties in Palm Springs it seemed like a natural fit. They have men’s apparel we all already wear, sweet board shorts as well, and cool new accessories line, from headphones to iPhone cases to backpacks, but above all else they are a lifestyle brand really connected to the culture of music. They also have that laidback Miami beach and pool party vibe about them, perfect for WMC.

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What can fans expect musically at each tour stop? Will Burn Unit, Bones and Troy Kurtz each be throwing down separate DJ sets, or can people expect some special b2b surprises?

The idea is that we're touring as the Gotta Dance Dirty DJs and all playing together, but we'll be playing separately at a few events in Miami. I'd like to think we're all pretty versatile DJs who are comfortable playing pretty much any room and any type of music, from hip-hop to deep house, and I personally just like to go with the vibe. We obviously have events with distinctly different artists, from UZ to Oliver Twizt to Brodinski and Gesaffelstein, but I think we can thrive in any of these environments. We all live together and have similar taste, but of course all have our own DJing style and secret dance floor weapons, so it's going to be fun to get out there and see how we all work together when we're not just jamming on CDJs at the house and also to see how people react to it.

Troy Kurtz is one of my all-around favorite DJs (the dude has great dance moves) and Bones has really learned how to kickstart an awesome fucking party through his residencies at Dim Mak Tuesdays and Control, and at the end of the day DJing is just fun. It's got to be more fun with a few of your best friends.

Have you guys decided how you're going to handle driving duties? I can imagine that the hangovers and partying will be fairly fierce through this excursion…

We've mapped out the first few shifts and who is staying sober at the events from Los Angeles to Scottsdale to Austin, but after that it's really not too bad and we're not really pressed for time. There's four of us, so five to six hour shifts aren't going to be too brutal.

Austin to Dallas is a short drive, and then we have a few days before we have to be in Miami, so we're going to stop in New Orleans, maybe Panama City or something and give out some Gotta Dance Dirty and TAVIK gear, maybe some bikinis from their women's line... it is Spring Break after all. We're all pretty experienced partiers, so I think we'll be okay. What I am worried about though is all of us going into a BBQ-induced food coma somewhere in the Dirty South and never making it out of there!

Any plans to film this adventure? Road Rules: Gotta Dance Dirty Edition would be pretty entertaining I'm sure!

We're definitely going to be documenting the trip all along the way and putting together a great recap video once we're back. For day-to-day stuff I think Instagram and Vine (Twitter's new video sharing app) are going to be our main outlet for visuals over the next few weeks. We'll have some GoPros along for the ride and our own videographer for all of the Miami events. The TAVIK blog ( will also be hosting the full #GDDRV tour diary, so we can keep people updated on the shenanigans.

As for the Road Rules reference, I've thought about organizing some friendly competitions, but I think everyone would hate me if I made them exercise too much along the way!

As we all can see here, your itinerary and route going from California to Miami is pretty set and mapped out, other than lots of sleep, any plans for the drive back?

We can't drive too leisurely on the way back, as we're under a bit of a time crunch to get the RV back, but I definitely want to hit up as much good food as we can along the way. People can say what they want about the Deep South, but they fucking know how to eat! Ideally we were planning to do a one-way trip and fly back to LA, but not a single company would let us do that this time of year. I think rule #1 of the trip is just going to be to survive this excursion, and after two weeks on the road - at SXSW and WMC - and living in this RV the whole time, I think that will be our only priority on the way home.

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