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Gear Review: Electrix Pro Tweaker DJ Controller

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Review: Electrix Pro Tweaker DJ Controller

Some of you might recognize the name Electrix Pro (“Electrix”) as the 1990’s manufacturer of popular DJ hardware gear such as the Filter Factory and Repeater. After being on a bit of a hiatus from developing new gear, Electrix has recently jumped back into the Pro Audio & DJ manufacturing game with the release of its newest product, The Tweaker.

What is it?

The Electrix Tweaker is a $399 DJ MIDI controller that works with MIDI compatible digital DJ software. It features a 32-button, LED illuminated grid, velocity sensitive pads and push encoders, all wrapped up in a 2-channel DJ mixer style interface. Although the unit ships with Traktor LE 2 (bundled), it’s a fully mappable MIDI controller, so users can customize mappings to work with any DJ software.

Traktor, Ableton Live, Serato Scratch Live

If you’re a beginner, its tight integration with Traktor, Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live allow you to use the unit right out of the box with very little pain in getting set up. If you’re an advanced user, its universal layout, included MIDI editor and MIDI In/Out ports provide lots of customization options to fit an existing digital studio or DJ set up.

The Tweaker does not have an integrated audio interface, so you’ll have to provide your own sound card if you want to send audio simultaneously to the master channel and your headphone/cue channel.

Who is it for?

The Electrix Tweaker is built primarily for DJs and live music performers who work with Traktor, Serato Scratch Live, or Ableton Live. Specifically:

Internal Mode Digital DJs: If you’re a digital DJ who is looking for a controller which wraps up mixer, transport, effects, and cue functionality into one unit, the Tweaker is a great candidate. It can work as a completely stand alone unit if you already have an external sound interface. It’s rare to see MIDI controllers that incorporate a grid style layout with mixer functionality (includes cross and channel faders) and the Tweaker does a great job of bringing together the world of the controllerist with the DJ.

Digital Vinyl System (DVS) DJs: If you’re a DVS DJ running software like Traktor Scratch Pro and Serato Scratch Live, the Tweaker is a great MIDI controller that will fit nicely alongside your turntables or CDJs. Especially nice are the removable feet, which allow you to raise the unit to mixer or turntable height. Tired of going back to your keyboard to access loops and hot cues? Need more control over effects? A MIDI controller like the Tweaker might be just the right tool to give you more control over your DVS setup. Setting up the Tweaker to work with Traktor Scratch Pro or Serato Scratch Live is also very easy, since Electrix has already come up with mappings for each software.

Performance & Ableton Live DJs: If you use Ableton Live for your DJ sets or live music performance, the Tweaker also includes a remote script to enable the Tweaker to work natively with Ableton Live. Using the Tweaker with Ableton Live gives you full control over launching/stopping clips (via the grid), drum rack (via the velocity sensitive drum pads) and mixer controls (via the faders and EQs).

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Review: Electrix Pro Tweaker DJ Controller

What’s Included?

Each Tweaker includes the following components:
• 1 x Tweaker
• 4 x Removable feet
• 1 x USB cable
• 1 x Traktor Pro LE 2
• 1 x Tweaker editor software

What do we love about it?

• LED feedback across the entire controller looks great and provides real time feedback in dark environments
• Provides grid style controls for hard-core controllerists, but also provides “basic” mixer functions such as cross and line faders for traditional DJs
• Tight integration with Traktor, Ableton and Serato Scratch live
• Touch sensitive touch pads are great to use with effects in Traktor
• Provides MIDI In/Out for all the advanced MIDI users who need to sync across multiple units

What do we think can be improved?

• Integrated USB sound card means you have to have an existing one or buy a new one to have headphone/cue functionality
• Center click on pitch/channel faders may be a turn-off to some
• Multi-layered mappings take a little bit of time to get used to


I’ll be the first to admit that the large amount of buttons and flashing lights can be intimidating for anyone. But after spending a couple hours understanding the mappings and how they interact with your software you’ll find that everything is simply laid out and intuitive, especially with the color coding of the grid.

The hardcore MIDI mapper will get tons out of this controller due to its virtually endless customization possibilities. The Tweaker is also suited for the beginner DJ or controllerist who is looking for a controller, which can, fully exploit the functions of Traktor, Serato Scratch Live or Ableton Live.

To get a glimpse of what the Tweaker can do, check out the performance video that Electrix has shared.

Manufacturer: Electrix Pro
Price: $399
Release Status: Available for sale
Included Software: Traktor Pro LE 2
Native Mappings Available: Traktor Pro, Ableton Live, Serato Scratch Live

Review: Electrix Pro Tweaker DJ Controller

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