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I'm a 90's Bitch! Plus New Posso Mixtape

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First it was all about that vintage 90's fashion: cropped tees, In Living Color inspired prints, and Spice Girl-esque stacked tennis shoes galore. Now, in the music world, it's nearly impossible to ignore that rapid influx of 90's R&B sampled remixes and bootlegs all up in your SoundCloud feed. Praise the Lord...I mean Whitney, Brandy, T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli. Lest we forget Amerie and her hard hitting one-hit-wonder "One Thing." Eh-hem.

Trust me, by no means am I complaining. I always wonder what other DJs listen to the next day when they are burnt off destroying a club, and it's these pop R&B deep house jams that we're jazzed on for all sorts of great downtime activities: chillin' at home with your besties, day time house parties (see below), and making out with hunks. Instant mood setter. The smooth vocal stylings of these 90's divas really do compliment the deep house sound in a cheeky, sexy way compared to their more serious, old school Chicago house vocal counterpart. Upgrade! This is what we like to call a musical full circle: 90's R&B samples classic disco, nu-disco and deep house now sampling 90's R&B. Chain-chain-chaaaain....think Faith Evans' sampling disco giant's Chic "Chic Cheer" in her classic "Love Like This" now sampled by our new favorite DJs The Bixel Boys in their excellent new remix. Why is it that nostalgia always has the hindsight of rose colored glasses?

This track is in our latest mix recorded live after returning from a frigid New York fashion week whilst drinking a mix of tropical rum drinks in pineapples, champagne and Tecate...Regretfully, not in that order. Sunny days in LA hypnotize you sometimes...We go deep, enjoy.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 11.26.39 PM

Even Amerie gets down with a funky Meters sample... And then Polkadot gets down with a Disclosure-esque vibe on Amerie...

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ColeCo's soon to be released track, "You're So Fine," samples Brandy's soulful hit creating something so sexy that even Moesha would unbuckle her overalls for.

And to top it off... Le Youth sampling "No Scrubs," with just a tasteful dash of the lyrics so as not to incite a diva hand flair up or full room sing-a-long.

If no one gets their hands on an En Vogue sample in the next month, we got dibs.

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