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It’s Not All about EDM, What About ELM?—Plus Free Download

It’s Not All about EDM, What About ELM?

Ok, so I’ve finally started to get used to the new acronym EDM and it’s certainly better than “Electronica” the first incarnation of a layman’s term back in the ‘90s.

The fucking hilarious thing is when people think of EDM as something different than house or techno? EDM is an acronym to refer to all of the genres of electronic dance music; it is not its own fucking genre of music!

Now that’s settled let’s just agree it is a mainstream abbreviation that we are all going to have to live with, it’s just embedded too deep at this point. If you want to be cool then just talk about the genre you like rather then use that generic label, it makes me feel better so maybe it will work for you?

I would much rather say I like minimal techno than say I’m an EDM fan, but hey that’s just me... What about all of the other electronic music out there that is not dance music? What are we going to do about that, lump it in to EDM?

I would like to usher in the term Electronic Listening Music, or ELM for all that stuff we can’t jam into the “dance” category. What about artists like Bonobo, DJ Shadow, Gotan Project, Massive Attack, Peace Orchestra, The Future Sound of London, Rob Da Bank, Coldcut and 100s if not 1000s of others?

So with my new term at the ready I will be starting to regularly post an ELM podast, do interviews with ELM artists and just start turning you on to what used to be called “Chill Out” music.

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If you are a complete newbie, here are some things below to warm you up to the genre a bit, along with a 30-minute podcast of some newer stuff to relax you after a long night of dancing your tutu off.

Massive Attack “Unfinished Symphony

Gotan Project “Last Tango in Paris

Orbital “Halcyon On and On

The Orb “Little Fluffy Clouds

The Chemical Brothers “One Too Many Mornings

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