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Kickstart This: SubPac by StudioFeed—Changing The Way You "Feel" Your Music

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Kickstart This: SubPac by StudioFeed—Changing The Way You "Feel" Your Music

I haven't been this excited to try a product in I don't even know how long. I got turned on to this about a week ago and am patiently awaiting a reply from StudioFeed as to when we can demo it. Simply put, SubPac is a tactile audio device that turns sound into a physical thing. Physical in the since that it transfers low frequencies to your body, allowing you to, well, feel the music. Feel it in your belly just like if were standing in the middle of dancefloor with a Funktion One system overhead doing its thing. Call me crazy but I love the idea of hooking this to a regular old audio source (be it a MP3 player, computer, mixing board, gaming console or musical instrument, etc.) to have more of a visceral "club" or "live" experience in the comfort of home—or on the go.

In addition to regular consumer use, this would be perfect for home producers. How many producers have studios with a proper monitor set up that will allow them to feel the bass. Not many at all. So if you fall into that category and are in love with low frequencies SubPac is a problem solver. I'm comfortable spouting that without event trying it considering guys like Adrian Sherwood say stuff like, “Without a doubt the most useful studio tool I have come across in many years.”

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If you're going to help someone realize a product via Kickstarter, help get this one off the ground. Two thumbs way up from me. Funding ends on April 6, 2013.

On the downside…hey StudioFeed Body Glove called and they want their logo back.

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