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Listen: ProtoHype "See No Evil" EP via Firepower Records

Listen: Protohpye "See No Evil" EP via Firepower Records

This past week has been quite overwhelming with all the incredible music that has been released. From all the Ultra Sets to new remixes blowing up my Soundcloud feed, I thought it couldn't get any better. Then Protohype dropped his first EP for Firepower Records called “See No Evil” on Beatport yesterday and I have to say.... I think I died and went to music heaven. This EP is jampacked with so much energy I don't even think I need my coffee anymore. From the immediate blood tingling sensation I got when listening to “How It Go," to the massive hip swinging and head banging that occurred when listening to “Bad Boy Flow,” I think it's safe to say this EP is packing some serious firepower (pun intended.) If you haven't already, go grab this EP on Beatport or iTunes and show some love to Protohype... with tracks like these it's obvious he has mad love for us.

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