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Listen: Russ Liquid "Foreign Frequency" LP

Listen: Russ Liquid "Foreign Frequency" LP

Just as the name sounds, Russ Liquid brings you an incredible jazz, electronic, hip hop infused LP that makes you feel like your bathing in pure EDM bliss. I'm not sure if bathing would be an accurate enough description though. From the first intro to the last song, each track is layered with beats that wash over you. Whether it's the chord of a violin or the key of a piano to some hip hop beats, you're guaranteed to cast aside any worries that come your way and just listen. There were even a couple times I found myself closing my eyes, letting all the tunes relax my mind …and my soul. "Foreign Frequency," isn't just another electronic LP, it's a form of therapy. So while this talented producer is on your mind, go check out the single "New Beginnings," via pitchfork and watch for Russ Liquid's "Foreign Frequency"  LP to be released tomorrow from STS9's 1320 Records.

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