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Listen: Scott Hardkiss "Beat Freak" Fort Knox Five Remint Remix

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Listen: Scott Hardkiss "Beat Freak" Fort Knox Five Remint Remix

Our pal Jon Horvath of Fort Knox Five recently posted up this remix he did for Scott Hardkiss' "Beat Freak" tune and thought we'd share it along with some words by Jon Horvath about it.

Feeling really sad today. the Rave Scene lost a true pioneer early Monday monring. Scott Hardkiss alongside (non biological) Robbie & Gavin, paved the way for the early rave scene. Their music was legendary, and was hugely influential to our Fort Knox sound.

Back in the beginning of 2010, Scott asked us to remix his brand new funky house jam called Beat Freak. It was a huge honor for us to be asked by this pioneer to remix his music. Without people like Scott Hardkiss aka God Within, the scene would be much diffferent.

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He was really stoked on our version! Here is a little note he sent us shortly after the tune was released.

"Hope you're well. I realized I hadn't yet let you know how unbelievable your FK5 remixes of 'Beat Freak' are and how much I appreciate it! We've been getting amazing response and everyone is really loving them."

"You guys obviously put a lot of hard work into it, and I'm really feeling how you took the track in a whole other direction. Your mixes re-worked elements of the original into such a sick, funky, old-school meets new-school groove! They're so fat & modern but tip their hat to the past in a real uplifting way. You guys really represented for the whole american funky breaks sound and we got both old heads and young kids digging them I was really blown away when I heard them so I just wanted to personally say thank you thank you thank you." -Scott Hardkiss

Rest In Power Brother! You will be missed, but your legacy will live on forever!

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