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Magma Traveler Stand—Addressing Issues Facing Today’s Digital DJ

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Digital DJs face a few issues with bringing their laptop and controllers to a gig at the club. Whether it's lifting the gear out of harm’s (damn you alcohol) way, getting the gear to the right height for the DJ or just finding room in the DJ booth for the gear there are lots of issues that digital DJs face. Magma, a manufacturer of DJ accessories including bags, cases and laptop stands, seeks to address the issues facing today’s digital DJ with their Traveler stand.

Magma Traveler Stand—Addressing Issues Facing Today’s Digital DJ

What is it?

The Magma Traveler stand is a portable, foldaway DJ equipment stand to hold laptops or MIDI controllers. It includes rubber feet to increase stability and prevent the stand from moving around in the DJ booth. The unit also features an angled (about 10 degrees downwards), padded shelf that holds the laptop or controller. This is a nice touch, which provides a better viewing angle and also reduces vibration and protects the laptop or controller against scratches. The unit’s design allows it to fold completely flat for storage in a record bag or backpack.

The Traveler stand can be used to hold laptops or MIDI controllers. The unit easily accommodates 12” – 15” laptops. For users who need a control surface for MIDI controllers, the unit accommodates medium size controllers such as the Native Instruments Maschine, Novation Launchpad and APC 20. If you want to hold a larger format controller (such as a Traktor S4), you’ll probably want to take a look at a larger, fixed installation, controller stand.

Who is it for?

The Traveler stand can be used in lots of different DJ and applications. Specifically:

Mobile & Club Digital DJs: If you’re a digital DJ that takes his/her equipment to a club or a mobile setup, you’ll likely be bringing a laptop with you to your gig. The Traveler stand is great because it folds up flat, without taking up too much extra room in your gig bag. It also sets up in less than 10 seconds (just two folds and you’re done).

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Conterollerist: If you bring your own controller to your club gigs, this is also a great stand to consider. The angle on the primary shelf where you put your controller is just slight enough that it makes the angle of your controller a little more ergonomically correct to play with drum pads, engage effects, etc. The stand allows you to lift your controller up off the booth surface (or in some cases that 1200 dustcover) and at a better height so you’re not hunched over.

Anyone Looking for more room in the DJ Booth: We all know that DJ booths are cramped spaces for any equipment but the house stuff. If you’re just looking for an extra place to set up a laptop, controller, effects unit, or just any other module to your digital DJ setup then give the Traveler stand a thought. The feet of the Traveler are slim enough to slide underneath a mixer without lifting the mixer up too high. The feet are also angled in the front, so it allows the mixer to sit at a comfortable angle too. This effectively builds a shelf above the mixer (or CD player, or turntable) for you to set up your gear on top of. No removal of existing gear necessary!

What’s Included?

Each Traveler stand includes the following components:

  • 1 x Traveler stand

  • 1 x Traveler stand zip bag

What do we love about it?

  • Lightweight, fold-flat design fits nicely inside any DJ bag or backpack

  • Tilted top shelf for easy viewing of laptop and comfortable controller orientation

  • Simple and easy to set up

What do we think can be improved?

  • Not having height adjustability precludes it from a lot of studio applications

  • Non-compatibility with 17” laptops and large format controllers will be deal breakers for some


Stands for digital gear in the DJ booth are a must in today’s day and age. If you’re a digital DJ who is gigging and looking for a new or replacement stand, the Magma Traveler is a simple, well-built and versatile option that sets up and breaks down in two easy folds.

Manufacturer: Magma
Price: $99
Release Status: Available for sale
Available Colors: Black or Silver

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