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POSSO: New Photoshoot and Musings On The Future...

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POSSO: New Photoshoot and Musings On The Future...

Sometimes it takes going back to school to move ahead...

posso photo 1blog

But this time not giving a fuck about what the rest of the class thinks...

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Cuz you realize that all the best things are already calling sparkles to your fingertips...

posso photo 3blog

And you've waited long enough...

posso photo 5blog

Caught up too long in the reflections and ideas of others.

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posso photo blog

Not really seeing yourself in the right light...


And so tied and bound to feelings of the past, only seeing your colors in black and white...


When it's been there all along sitting and waiting for you patiently to notice.


Shooting from the hip,

Location:Mack Sennett Studios
Photographer:Luke Lovell
Makeup and Hair:Lindsey Martins
Nails: Natalie Minerva of Nail Swag

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