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Review: Tiefschwarz “In The City #3” Part 1 via Souvenir Music

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Review: “In The City #3” Part 1 via Souvenir Music

Trance, electro, dubstep, bro-trance-tro-step, whatever trend EDM fans are following, one thing has always been there: house music.  Dance masters Tiefschwarz know this and their label, Souvenir Music, is testament to that.  In The City: Part 1 is a 4 track EP with tracks from artists that represent the scope of their moniker, as well as the breadth of house music today.

The EP begins with “In the City,” Tiefschwarz’s same titled composition.  It’s a dark, well-rounded track that stays pure house while just scraping the edges of techno. It’s a perfect build track for DJs that need more gears than just “RAVE.”  On the same side, Daniel Maher and Rico bring “Swollen Clean New Hats” another techno-esque house cut, this time with slowed down vocals, crunching bass and repetitive synths that make it uniquely utilitarian.

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The party begins on the flip with Chris Wood & Meat’s “Cock Robin”… pause…  It’s a boom bap breakbeat track that pulls from Rakim-era hip-hop and jack-house intensity. And finally, if you wanna get weird… again pause…  Kenny Leaven takes you there with “I’m Himmel Gibts Kirschen” a glitchy, crunchy, reverb-filled sci-fi track, combining acid house with electro elements and eerie breakdowns that build back to acid.

This is first installment of a 3 EP set released in conjunction with Souvenir Music’s Europe and USA spring and summer tour.   Part 1 is released on April 5th, with parts 2 and 3 being released on April 26th and May 4th respectively, both digitally and on vinyl.

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