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RIP Scott Hardkiss

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RIP Scott Hardkiss

Woke up this morning to some very sad news. Scott Hardkiss (real name Scott Friedel) passed away yesterday. I just heard rumors of a new Hardkiss album too. I was fortunate enough to have met Scott a handful of times over the years while editing BPM magazine and was never disappointed by the man's character. Larger than life, down to earth, just a nice guy all around, which is not always the case when you meet one of your idols. Scott Hardkiss, Robbie and Gaven (aka The Hardkiss Brothers—a kinship in spirt, not blood), played an essential role in my electronic music upbringing. Not only mine, but the entire west coast scene. If you're not familiar with their discography you can peep it here. Rather impressive to say the least. Some of my best EDM memories are from road trips from San Diego to San Francisco to hear him  and his cohorts DJ. Sets like this of him and Robbie in 1994 and his "Essential" mix from the same time. His God Within moniker was one of my favorites. "Raincry," "Daylight (Dreamerdreamsalone)," "The Phoenix," the "Acid Funk" track he made with Hawke, "Why Why Why." I'm going to go home and pull out my Hardkiss albums on vinyl , the Delusions Of Grandeur mix and have a drink while listening to some music in his name. RIP Scott Hardkiss you'll be missed.

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