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SXSW Event: Miles Davis Panel—Calling All DJs, Producers and Enthusiasts...

SXSW Event: Miles Davis Panel—Calling All DJs, Producers and Enthusiasts...

Do you like Thom Yorke, Flying Lotus, Laurent Garnier, Bonobo and all that good stuff? Here's a nice opportunity to find out who influenced the sounds those guys are making today.

Next week the Miles Davis Estate will be hosting a panel at SXSW. The panel will consist of the producers featured on the new Live In Europe 1969, Bootleg, Vol.  2 collection and include first-hand accounts from Chic Corea, Miles’s nephew Vince Wilburn Jr., iconic hip-hop duo The Pharcyde and a rare live video from 1969. They will celebrate, “The Lost Quintet” of 1969—the lineup that predicted the future of improvised music.  The Lost Quintet—Miles Davis, Chic Corea, Wayne Shorter, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette—sowed the seeds for jazz music expansion into genres like rock, electronic dance music, soul and funk.

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These important “field recordings” from a mysterious past and unfolding future, take us to a place and a time between the cracks of the Miles Davis story...The rattling, exploratory poetry of this band’s sound is a significant cultural document for the ears and the ages..

Electronic music was one of the genres that Miles experimented with. Today a lot of DJs and producers have/are incorporating nu-jazz sounds in their productions. It has its roots back in the '70s when the use of electronic instruments was gaining popularity.

We here at Magnetic Magazine recommend all DJs, producers, musicians and enthusiasts going to SXSW to attend. It will take place on Thursday, March 14, 12:30- 1:30 pm at the Austin Convention Center in Room 15.

You can check out the the video here. For what ever reason it's not on Youtube...

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