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Watch: Red Axes "Silver Bed" Official Video plus EP Out Now

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Ah yes, nothing like waking up to some real music enclosed in an email from one of your favorite labels. Especially when you have to dig through an overwhelming amount of mediocre and uninspired releases all day long, anything from I’m a Cliché is a much needed breath of fresh air. For those who aren't familiar with I’m a Cliché, it's a label located in Paris, run by Cosmo Vitelli. Cosmo is of legendary status to those who have been following him over the years and is definitely one of my favorite DJs to watch in a live setting. Anyway, the label has put out records with Azari & III, Yuksek, Simian Mobile Disco, Runaway and plenty more. But the thing is, I’m a Cliché has managed to successfully curate a sound and signature vibe, and maintains steady quality over quantity. I'm also really excited about their "Edit Service" series. Let me break it down for you: every two weeks, a new previously unreleased edit produced by members of the Cliché crew (or friends of the guys) is given away as a free MP3. So far the project has featured the likes of It's a Fine Line, I:Cube, Cosmo Vitelli, Young Marco and more. Click here to check them out and download for free.

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Most recently though, I’m a Cliché has been working with a new duo from Tel Aviv called Red Axes. Although it's their third release on the label, it is now that they are recieving larger scale recognition, which is clearly well deserved. The three original tracks of "Silver Bed" EP sometimes leave the dancefloor to a place where psychedelic delight prevails. Aleister Crowley's presence on the cover, the occult honcho adored by all the hooked musicians from the Sixties and Seventies, seems to point out the pop-culture lineage Red Axes refers to. The growing number of connoisseurs of their sound will recognize the dark but not melancholic atmosphere, and their production skills: effective and precise, never demonstrative. Glittered with disco punk rythm with reverse guitars, the entire EP chugs forward with assurance and stoned grooves.

The EP dropped two days ago and you can now buy it digitally and on vinyl. Head over to their website, or the Soundcloud links, for purchasing information. Keep up with Red Axes via Facebook. Stay tuned for more I’m a Cliché news coming up shortly!

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