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A Chat With Norwegian Super Producer: Fehrplay

Magnetic Meets Norwegian Super Producer: Fehrplay

Jonas Fehr aka Fehrplay has been making some noise in recent months with hit releases like "Incognito" and "Nightride." Jonas is a very versatile producer whose musical productions go beyond dance music. He cultivates the use of different genres and is consistently changing his sound. Having garnered the support from the  likes of Eric Prydz and Pete Tong, it's only a matter of time before the London0-based DJ/producer causes some commotion in the US. This Saturday he joins Pete Tong and Riva Starr at the Avalon in Los Angeles. I caught up with him prior to his show as he dishes about his love for jazz music and a possible move to LA soon.

What is the one thing you would bring from the UK music dance scene into the US?

I think the scene in Europe and the UK has been active for many years so there is definitely something we can bring to the states. It's great that the American crowds are so up for new music and I'm hoping to bring them music that maybe they haven't heard before, and putting a different spin on things.

Would you ever move to LA over London?

I'm considering it yes! We'll have to see how it goes... The US crowds are fantastic and seem hungry for new sounds—hopefully I can provide some of that.

Tell us a about your experiences at WMC? Was it your first time there?

WMC was amazing, the show at space was one of the best I've done to date. There was such a fantastic atmosphere around WMC and so many great events. Excited to get back to Miami and play there again as soon as I can.

Do you have any new releases coming out? Any exciting projects coming up with Pryda and Friends?

I have my new single "Phantom" coming on Pryda & Friends very soon. It's been delayed slightly as I went back into the studio to tweak it—I want it to be perfect. It's really sounding great now.

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Could you identify three new and emerging artists who you’re listening to that we should be aware of?

There are so many great talents out there right now. Scuba and George FitzGerald are really making headway around the world with their fantastic productions. It's what I call real house and techno music with a modern and assessable edge. Also fellow Pryda friend Jeremy Olander is really making amazing tracks right now. Also Dusky just seem to be getting better and better.

Are you excited about the summer in Ibiza? Tell us about your shows?

Looks like I'll be back at Amnesia this summer and I've just been confirmed as well to play at Ushuaia—somewhere I've always wanted to play. If it'a anything like last summer it will be memorable to say the least.

I hear you’re a big fan of jazz music and a lot of your own productions are influenced by the likes of Miles Davis and Chic Corea. Could you tell us which one of Miles’ albums has made an impact on your music? If you could remix one of his songs, which one would it be and why?

It's been some time since I've listened to Miles Davis, but some of my greatest memories are from listening to my dad's old vinyls of him. Kind Of Blue is a fantastic album. And "Summertime" is a big favorite, remixing it though would be a hard task.

You are constantly evolving your sound through different genres of music. What drives you to do that? How did you hit upon dance music and what made you want to produce it?

Well I'll say I'm constantly inspired by different types of music, so it's only natural to implement this when you are creating yourself. It's also important to seek creativity in other genres, not just in dance music. I've always loved dance music, and I think I first fell in love with trance in the late '90s. From there it envolved in to house music.

Check out his exclusive 30 minute mix to get a taste of what to expect leading up to the show on Saturday.

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