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EDM Download: Crywolf "The Moon Is Falling Down"

EDM Download: Crywolf "The Moon Is Falling Down"

You know those tracks that are hauntingly beautiful? You know... the ones that really evoke emotion and leave you dumbfounded that you really have no choice but to put it on repeat to feel it all again? "The Moon Is Falling Down," is a perfect example of one of those songs. After having put it on repeat for a solid thirty minutes straight, I was left pretty speechless. Crywolf not only brings a beat that you can lose yourself in, but incorporates some piano notes that will be sure to give you goosebumps. As if that wasn't enough, the vocals from Charity Lane are flawless and give this song the extra tug at my heart. Lucky for us listeners, this is just a preview of what's to come from Crywolf. "The Moon is Falling Down," is his first single off his new EP, "Ghosts" set to be released April 9th on Always Never. You can preorder this EP via iTunes today, but until then, you can grab this track for free download! Enjoy.

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