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EDM Download: Karma Kid "In My Arms" Maths Time Joy Remix—File Under Hauntingly Beautiful

EDM Download: Karma Kid "In My Arms" Maths Time Joy Remix

Here's another soothing sound to serenade your ears. Released by Karma Kid about two weeks ago, "In My Arms" made some big noise with its addictive wobbles and bubbly tempo.  Thanks to XLR8R, we now can hear a new remix from none other than Maths Time Joy. If you haven't already gotten to take a listen to some of Maths Time Joy's work, this track is a great start. It's seductive and hauntingly beautiful with enough bass and bounce to make you feel the sound, but also incorporates the original chorus for a sure fire way to get this song stuck in your head. Enjoy the free EDM download!

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